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More than 150,000 punching arms were produced by ATOM since 1958. This is a sign that represent the leadership of the brand in the world of cutting. ATOM is a brand that legitimizes the quality, reliability and always up to date technology for products which come out from the factories of this prestigious company brand with its headquarter in Vigevano, Italy. Over the years, as a result of continuous investments in research and development, ATOM has seen the growth of new machinery such as: the Diecutters with cart, the Diecutters with Mobile Bridge, the Scarnitici, the Ripiegatici, the Splitting Machines, the Placcatrici and many others. All these systems demonstrate the company’s ability to seize the innovation needs of both markets and customers, which are always more advanced and demanding. With its range of products, ATOM is undoubtedly the leader in the world of cutting of flexible and semi-rigid materials, ranging from gaskets, abrasives, plastics, composites, cartoon, foams and many more… resell ATOM products and provides after sales support with regard to spare parts and accessories.

Product categories:

Shoe factories and shoemakers – machines


Cutting systems mainly devoted to the footwear and leather goods


Cutting systems in continuous; Diecutters; Working of leather

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