Robotic System for Glue Application

Today we want to show you an incredible technology which allows you to apply the water based glue on various surfaces for automotive purposes. In this video we show you the robotic system for glue application; the set is composed by a mechanical arm which spray the glue and a rotating support which hold the

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Leather Inspection Table by Vemac

Our inspection table has an ergonomic system that, together with the set of clamps, allows you to stretch the leather for a better inspection of any hidden defects. Thanks to the pneumatic system, is possible to see if there are hide wrinkles, scars or other problems on your piece of leather.

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Atom Flex Table

The standard Flex table can cut materials up to 20 mm thick even the toughest ones, thanks to strong and precise mechanics and electronic of last generation. In addition to cutting operations, the standard Flex table can be equipped with head of 5 or 7 tools to perform various other operations such as punching, creasing,

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